Badminton in the Dublette!

par | Juil 3, 2015 | Feature

In May we travelled through the unbelievably quaint Cotswold countryside to attend the Badminton Horse Trials in the grounds of the Duke of Beaufort’s estate. For those of our readers to whom Badminton is all about shuttlecocks, the Badminton Horse Trials is an annual event, one of only 6 ‘Grade 4’ events in the world with both riders and horses demonstrating excellence in dressage, cross country and jumping. They make it look so easy and so aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous to watch!

Also gorgeous is the Georgia in Dublin range which was available at our stand on Allengrove Avenue! 😉 Despite an alarmingly blustery first day the marquee held together (although our pop up sign had to be secured to the posts with a good few trusty Rainwrap garters), there were plenty of people strolling about taking in all that the shopping village had to offer. Among them the excellent Claire Balding (to whom I blethered something but I’m not sure what, she was quite intimidating!) and the very handsome Dominic West! We had lots of lovely customers who were very enthusiastic and charming about the range. It was such a pleasure to see them walking off sporting their new purchases and looking fantastic!

Here are just a few photos of the Dublette in action:

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