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par | Mar 31, 2015 | Blog

Welcome to Georgia’s Dublin! We are delighted to be here to share the things we notice walking and cycling around our hometown of Dublin. We look forward to blogging regularly about its history and its landscape. We hope to share what is great and we love about Dublin. We would be delighted to hear about your favourite things too!

Let’s start with the Doors of Dublin!

Georgian Doors

This iconic poster of the Doors of Dublin has been hugely responsible for tourist’s attraction to Georgian Dublin since the 1970s. Working for a New York based ad company Bob Fearon was taking a stroll around Fitzwilliam Square one day when here for a shoot and, impressed by their striking beauty and symmetry, started taking photographs of the various different coloured doors. He made a collage of them and showed it to Joe Malone who ran a Tourist Office in New York City. Joe placed the poster in his window on St Patricks Day which attracted the eyes of many including the Irish Tourist Board who then bought the rights to the collage. It has since become synonymous with Dublin and is sold worldwide. For more information visit the Irish Culture and Customs website

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