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For Carriage Driving


Carriage Driving ensemble 

For carriage driving

Hustle&Bustle and Rainwrap ensemble!

The Hustle&Bustle and Rainwrap ensemble is very comfortable to wear when carriage driving. It is elegant and also protects you against gloomy weather.

The Hustle&Bustle is a versatile and beautifully tailored equestrian jacket which one can also wear everyday. Its detachable waistcoat makes for a great windcheater and one can wear it under other garments and jackets as an extra layer.

The Hustle & Bustle rain jacket is mesh lined and has:

an inside pocket at the front and a larger pocket in the peplum where you can keep your storm waistcoat, rainwrap, hat, gloves etc.

reflective trim on the cuffs, back and shoulders for visibility on the roads.

a storm waistcoat with two pockets at the front and a mesh pleat at the back to accommodate the wearing of bulky clothing.

an integrated adjustable hood in the waistcoat.


Secondly, combat the rain with this original Rainwrap, wrap around rain skirt. A perfect alternative to waterproof trousers, it is blissfully easy to take on and off without the palaver of pulling over shoes.

The only reason we don't do it for you is that it might not fit in your letter box! Wrap'N'Roll!

- comes with a garter to prevent it from riding up in the wind. The garter can also be used to fasten the Rainwrap in a tube shape so you can carry it around easily, wet or dry. Just Wrap n' Roll!

For instructions on how to use the garter click here.

Both garments have:

– Soft fabric, lovely handle. Noiseless and waterproof (10.000mm)




petite rain jacket petite rain jacket

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