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Hustle & Bustle – Elegant Rain Jacket



 GinD Green Hustle&Bustle, elegant rain jacket, with green Rainwrap GinD Black Hustle & Bustle elegant rain jacket

The Hustle & Bustle, elegant rain jacket

The Hustle & Bustle is an elegant cycling rain jacket, beautifully tailored Rainwrap’s other half! Comfortable and versatile you can wear this beautiful jacket anywhere and always feel elegant and unintimidated by impending gloomy weather!

The Hustle & Bustle, elegant rain jacket, is mesh lined and has:

– Soft fabric, lovely handle. Noiseless and waterproof (10,000mm)

 an inside pocket at the front and a larger pocket in the peplum where you can keep your storm waistcoat, rainwrap, hat, gloves etc.

 high visibility detail around the waist and on the wrists and shoulders.

 a storm waistcoat with two pockets at the front and a mesh pleat at the back to accommodate the wearing of bulky clothing.

– underarm ventilation zips

  integrated hood in the waistcoat’s collar

Some Georgia in Dublin Hustle & Bustle jackets are now on sale! Check our sale page here.

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