Here are just a few of the lovely messages from our valued customers

First day wearing my Leggits on my bike-train-bike commute from Cork to Limerick and…. I am loving them! I get to wear normal shoes and they are easy to get on and off! But you already know that!
Val, Cork

Just a quick email to let you know that my jacket arrived safely this week. Thank you so much for taking on the challenge of making cycling clothes which actually look like decent clothes and not the usual ‘sporty’ gear
Jane, UK

Just a quick note to inform you I have received my coat, its beautiful well chuffed with the quality & the material, & the fit. Thanks very much for your help
Anna, UK

Just road tested my new green Dublette in driving rain for the first time. Very pleased with the fit and effectiveness. Sleeves long enough, collar comfortable, hood doesn’t blow back, bottom completely dry! I had worried that it would be too short at the front, but it’s perfect on the bike. And I was not too hot either. Simultaneous style and substance!
Lucy, UK

Thanks so much for my Hustle & Bustle jacket. It’s beautiful. Every detail is so cleverly thought through and it’s clearly based on historical fashion design but with a thoroughly modern twist for cyclists. Fabulous
Jo, UK

I have received all goods, they fit perfectly and looks so good in the gray january. I took leggits and the vest for a spin today in the wet show. I smiled all the way. Who needs spring
Hanne, Denmark

The products are excellent and after a MTB ride, I have now established that they are also very easy to clean. I have already recommended your products to 3 curious cyclists. Best regards from Copenhagen experiencing a minor cloudburst this evening
Hanne, Denmark (again)

I purchased the hi vis Dublette, rain wrap and leggits. I totally love the gear and everyday I am asked where I got the gear. I have given your details to both woman and men. I really hope your business goes well and I will see many women looking very elegant on their bikes in the rain in your gear.

Very happy customer


A big thank you for allowing me to cycle and feel like a woman I look forward to rainy days now. The rain wrap is soft and light I love it love love it x

I had to write and say thank you for developing such a lovely range for us cyclists out there. I received the rain wrap and the Dorothy cover as a gift for Christmas and they are brilliant. They look great and I can now cycle into town and still look good in work without having to bring a change of clothes. I am very impressed and I am going out this week to buy a hi-vis jacket to complete the look!

Loving the Leggits, bought them for my sister for Christmas and they are such a success. Dusting off my bike now and they will be fantastic for protection. She says they keep your legs lovely and warm also

Everything about the Rainwrap is beautiful design and a unique marriage of pratical high performance technical fabric with urban non hyper-sporty-non-frumpy good looks: sophisticated tertiary colour, elegant contrast along the edge, reflective tape, cut with style. Very cool. It’s lucky it hasn’t rained here because I felt like a child with new rain boots just waiting to splash in a puddle!
Mary G

I am thrilled with the wrap and hope to purchase more of your range in the future. I am telling anyone who asks about the wrap where they can purchase it! Thank you again for such an ingenious invention, we need more stylish cycling clothes like yours!

Just wanted to let you know they arrived today and are perfect! I’ve been looking for a cycling cover-up skirt for ages and it does everything in my wishlist, and am really pleased with how small everything folds up

I really like my D1, the design is so clever and I get lots of looks of approval from the Parisiens!

I opened it [the D1 Style Vest] last night ( my birthday! ) and I am delighted with it. My husband is always giving out to me for not wearing one when on my bike but I hate those boring builders’ vests even though I’m not into fashion.

I’m so pleased with it that I’m going to order one for my sister who goes to work on her bike every day and returns in the dark. I got your Leggits for her some years ago and she’s delighted with them. All the best with your great work.

Angela, Ireland

These days I’ve been using the Hustle & Bustle, both riding a bicycle and walking. In both cases it has excellently worked and received many compliments from anyone I’ve met. What else could I say…simply THANK YOU for having had these stunning ideas: you changed my everyday ride to work and for pleasure!
Maria Luisa, Sardinia

I’m still in love with the coat; I’m turning into a bit of a brand ambassador I have shown so many people the coat and your website
Anon, UK

Whoa!! I am blown away by this  beautiful coat which arrived today I first saw your products at Badminton As a “larger” equestrian, I am so happy that your size ranges cater for all of us The coat fits me perfectly, I am a size 18-20. All I can say is thanks from one very satisfied customer
Debs, UK

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my rain skirt! I live in Seattle, WA where rain is a given for 9 months of the year. I love riding my bike, I love wearing skirts, and I hate the ugly rain gear made for someone who is shaped like a refrigerator.

My first day out with my rain skirt it poured and I was amazed at how well it kept me dry, even in the wind, even with a high crossbar on my bike. I got to work dry without feeling clammy and my feet were dry because of the leggits.

I get so many complements on them I want to get them in all the colours! You guys make such beautiful, thoughtfully designed, well-built products. I am recommending you to all my skirt-wearing-bike-riding friends. Thank you so much for making my commute to work even better, I really do look forward to biking in the rain now! I truly wish you guys all the best and look forward to mo re of your brilliant work. The Full Bronte is gorgeous, by the way. Congratulations!

Sue, Seattle

The jacket is with me now (many thanks for such a quick dispatch!) and I can’t believe that, but it turns out that I have the best jacket on the planet (and this is not a joke). It looks even better in reality than on the pictures! It simply makes me happy 🙂 The very first comment I heard was: “OMG  What a fashionable jacket you have” And every time I’m on the street I notice a lot of secret glances. I think I’ll have to get used to that 🙂
Monika, Oxford

Love the gear!! Been showing everyone!!! – they all love it!! I do love the skirt and leggits combo – such an outfit – you feel all ‘done up’ for the rain!! 🙂
Toniú, Australia

The parcel arrived today and I have to say I am over the moon! (beautifully packaged by the way).  I have to be the only person in Britain who was willing it to rain today! They are beautifully made and combine my love of style and practicality, I am really excited about wearing them

I went and picked up the Dorothy covers from the post office. They are great! A very stylish and practical accessory for my bicycle (and my friend)

It is nice to see someone making interesting (but still practical) fashionable bike gear, not everyone wants to cycle along looking like they are taking part in the spandex Olympics. Keep up the cool design… everything looks really nice
Pearl Thompson, The Cure

Excellent – thank you. I have wanted a Rainwrap since I accosted a women wearing the skirt to find out where she got it!

Thanks for the rainwrap! (…) It’s still had a few outings and I’ve really enjoyed it! The trip to and from work today in full-on rain today left me beautifully dry from the waist down, it was just a shame about the rest of me, so I think it’s definitely time for Hustle & Bustle jacket!

I can’t believe I’m going to say that, especially after the torrential rain we experienced today, but…..I can’t wait for it to rain! I LOVE MY DUBLETTE!! And…I may want to order another item or two from you. What incredible workmanship and quality! And, the style is SO VERY CUTE! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

What a fantastic idea? Love your site and your high viz ideas – very clever concept. Congratulations…

The Dorothy Cover is perfect and it fits my basket really well. I think the Rainwrap is fantastic, many thanks!

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