Iris, new GinD member…and new cyclist!

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Latest News

Iris on bike!

Freshly graduated, I recently joined the Georgia in Dublin team! I have been in Ireland for four years and I enjoy the atmosphere very much, but never really got used to the cold Irish wind.

I never thought I was a good cyclist. I learnt cycling on a boy’s bike, and never had a nice bike which enabled me to enjoy cycling. Clearly, the weather did not help. I used to walk with my headphones everywhere and thought cyclists wearing high viz were very brave for not caring that much about their style (I am sorry, but that is what I thought).

Then, I had to find a job and got along very well with the GinD team! GinD is not only about the practicalities of bike or horse riding; it is also about fashion. Within two weeks, I was on a Dublinbike. A few days later, I was wearing my own GinD high viz and my Dorothy Cover on the dublinbikes. Now, after one month and a half, I have my own dutchy bike, all the GinD garments and three locks. Yes, Georgia kind of persuaded me.

What every GinD follower can agree on, including me of course, is that Georgia in Dublin’s rainwear is really efficient. And chic! I cycled home not only in the rain, but the deluge. Not only I was dry when I removed my Rainwrap and so on, but thanks to the carefully adjusted hood of my Bronte, I had no trouble to see the road, I did not get sick thanks to its high collar keeping the wind out, I was comfortable and obvisously visible.

I really like working for Georgia in Dublin, and now I also like cycling! I find that having a nice and comfortable bike that you actually like, plus lovely waterproof clothes in which you do not feel like you are dressed in a bin bag, makes it a lot different and more enjoyable.

On my second day being on my bike, I was crashed into by another cyclist! Everybody is fine, bikes too. Every relationship has ups and downs!

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