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Expandable Pregnancy Jacket – The Dublette ®


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Expandable Pregnancy Jacket, The Dublette ®

The Dublette is an elegant, light weight, waterproof & expandable pregnancy jacket designed to expand over a bump and/or bulky clothing. When the baby has hopefully arrived safely, the jacket can be cinched in and great for outings to the park.

When the bungees on the back and down the sleeves are tightened, the Dublette takes on its most elegant form with a cinched waist and fishtail swing at the back. The fishtail can also be adjusted to create a gathered, rounder shape by pulling the bungees at the bottom of the jacket. It acts as protection against splash back from the road and enabling one to sit down on wet surfaces.

The entire back panel of the Dublette can also be opened out to assume a swing coat look by undoing the fasteners at the back which are made from hand selected recycled inner tubes. We must point out that Georgia in Dublin Team makes the fasteners by hand from bicycle inner tubes.

In addition, the Dublette has a detachable cape which you can wear separately to help keep rain off other items of clothing. And for even more high visibility, we would recommend the orange or pink high viz jacket. They are both very efficient to always be seen in the dark but also much fun!

Other features of the Dublette:

– Mesh lining with inside pocket

– Sealed seams

– Storm flap covering zip

– High visibility detail down sleeves and back

– Adjustable integrated hood

– Detachable cape

– Pockets in side seams

– Underarm ventilation zips

– Noiseless, waterproof (10.000mm) fabric. Lovely, soft handle.


Expandable cycling and horse-riding rain jacket
Expandable cycling and horse-riding rain jacket
GinD Red Dublette - Side
Black Dublette

Size Information

in cms
UK 4 – 8
UK 8 – 14
UK 16 – 20
Extra Large
UK 18 – 24
Collar Height 7.5 7.5 9.5 10
Shoulders 41 46 56 64
Length at front
zip length
56 56 56 81
Length at back
neck to waist
90 104 104 107
Sleeve length
from underarm seams
40 53.5 53.5 50
Max sleeve width 34 49.5 52 50
Min chest width 70 84 110 129
Max chest width 100 142 186.2 205
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