Leggits – Waterproof Cycling Overshoes


Overhsoes, Waterproof overshoes, gairers, cycling gaiters 

Leggits, waterproof overshoes!

Waterproof overshoes with style! Simply pop the Leggits (10,000mm waterproof) over your shoes and boots, flats and heels.  Say Hi! to visibility and bye to sodden jeans and spoiled shoes! The beauty of these overshoes is even if it's not raining or dark they still can be worn as funky boots!

Moreover, the Leggits can be used as an extra piece of high visibility. Indeed, it includes high viz details on the sides and some of the colours really pop in the dark! For more high visibility, we would recommend colours such as high viz yellow, high viz pink or high viz orange! The Leggits don't have to be used only for cycling but it is also very practical when walking. Let's imagine you are walking to a party but it starts pouring rain: quick! Protect your shoes and slip on your Leggits! Practical and stylish!

Also, the toe soles are made from recycled inner tubes and are hand harvested and painstakingly filleted by Georgia in Dublin!

NB. If you tend to wear bulky shoes and are at the upper end of the size limit we would recommend choosing the next size up. 


Have a look at some of the types of shoes the Leggits can be worn over here:

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Size Information

The width across the top: Approx: 45cms
The width 10cms down for the top: Approx 37cms
The width across the top: Approx: 50cms
The width 10cms down for the top: Approx 43cms
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